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Hickory Creek Middle School

Hickory Creek Middle School is proud of the accomplishments of the students and staff as well as the commitment by the community to provide the best opportunities to teach and develop young adolescents.

Hickory Creek Middle School has a long and rich history in Frankfort Community Consolidated School District 157-C. The original school was located on 80th Avenue. This structure was originally constructed in 1974, with additions in 1995. In August 2006, the new Hickory Creek Middle School, located on 116th Avenue, was opened to house grades six through eight.

Hickory Creek Middle School earned the distinction in 2005 as a “Demonstration School” by the Association of Middle Schools. Middle schools throughout Illinois are invited to visit the school to see examples of best middle school practices. In 2012 and 2009, Hickory Creek Middle School was named a “Horizon School” by the Illinois Horizon Schools: Schools to Watch under the criteria established by the National Forum to Accelerate Middle Grades Reform. That designation team indicated that “Hickory Creek is truly an exceptional middle grades school as it exemplifies the National Forum’s vision of academic excellence, social equity, developmental responsiveness, and organizational structures and processes”.

Vision Statement

Adolescence is one of the most fascinating and complex transitions in the life span: a time of accelerated growth and change second only to infancy; a time of expanding horizons, self-discovery, and emerging independence; a time of metamorphosis from childhood to adulthood. Its beginning is associated with profound biological, physical, behavioral, and social transformations that roughly correspond with the move to middle school or junior high school. The events of this crucially formative phase can shape an individual’s entire life course and thus the future of our society.

We believe that to help students through this challenging time period, school should be a unique place or a special place just for them. Learning is important, but so are students.

School Hours:

Grades 6, 7, and 8: 7:45AM - 2:10PM
Early Dismissal: 10:45 a.m.

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