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School Board

The Board of Education determines the District's educational policies, the yearly school budget and supervises the expenditure of funds. It may also conduct referenda to raise taxes to generate additional revenues. The seven member Board conducts one meeting per month. All meetings begin at 7:00 PM and are usually held on the third Wednesday of the month. At times, this schedule is altered due to holidays. Please consult the calendar for the dates. Interested parties who wish to speak at a Board meeting may do so during the "Public Forum & Hearing of Delegations" portions on the agenda when they will be recognized by the board president. Agendas for the Board meetings are available at the District office the Friday preceding the regular scheduled meetings.

President - Gina Briese – Term Expires 2021 - (Email Member)
Vice President - Tom Reidy – Term Expires 2019 - (Email Member)
Secretary - Edie Adamski – Term Expires 2019 - (Email Member)
Member - Brett Cosich – Term Expires 2021 - (Email Member)
Member - Edith Lutz – Term Expires 2019 - (Email Member)
Member - Dr. Larry Kociolek – Term Expires 2019 - (Email Member)
Member - Vacant – Term Expires 2019

Director of Finance and Operations/CSBO/Board Treasurer - Kate Ambrosini (Email Member)

In Illinois, public education is the constitutional responsibility of the state. The authority to govern school districts is delegated to local school boards, within the parameters set by state law. The Board of Education is comprised of seven members, each of whom is elected at-large for a term of four years. The terms are staggered so that in no instance can there be a complete Board turnover. Board members are not paid for their services. Board members act as a whole rather than as individuals. The Board is aware that it represents the people of the school district and is responsible to them and to the state.

The duties and obligations of an individual Board of Education member generally include:

  • To represent the Board of Education and the School District to the public in such a way as to promote interest and support.
  • To set strategy and direction for the educational aims, objectives and goals of District 157-C.
  • To be familiar with District 157-C policies, rules and regulations and, as time permits, the School Code of Illinois.
  • To take advantage of training sessions at the local, state or national level for Board members.
  • To vote and act while in the Board of Education meeting impartially for the good of the entire School District.
  • To refer all suggestions and complaints to the Superintendent and/or Board and to refrain from individual counsel and action.
  • To subscribe to the Code of Conduct for members of Board of Education as developed by the Illinois Association of Boards of Education.

The Board and Superintendent constitute the management team for the District. The relationship is based on mutual respect for their complementary roles. The relationship requires clear communication of expectations regarding the duties and responsibilities of both the Board and Superintendent. The Board hires, evaluates and seeks the recommendations of the Superintendent as the District chief executive officer. The Board develops policies necessary to provide general direction to achieve District goals. The Superintendent develops plans, programs and procedures needed to implement the policies and directs the District’s day-to-day operations.

  • Board of Education Meeting Dates for 2018-2019 (Download)
  • Board of Education Development and Training (Download)
Board Meeting Agendas & Minutes
Frankfort School District 157-C School Board Brochure

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