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Victoria Bramlette - Kindergarten  (Send e-mail)

Welcome to Kindergarten! My name is Ms. Bramlette and I am very excited to be working with you and your child. I will be working extremely hard to establish our classroom as a happy, challenging, comfortable, safe learning environment where we all do our personal best. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. My primary mode of communication will be through this class webpage, email, and Remind 101.

Download the free Remind 101 app to receive free text messages from me for reminders and announcements.
Enter this number: 81010
Text this message: vbraml

*Please check this class webpage regularly because it will be updated weekly.

*A written note is required for any change of transportation at the end of the school day.

Take Home Folder:
Each student will have a yellow ďTake-HomeĒ folder that will come home every day. Please check it for important papers and updates.You can send any notes back to school in the folder.

Our school works on the T-I-G-E-R schedule. Because of this, our specials do not occur every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc. Instead, specials will fall on a T, I, G, E, or R day. When we have a day off of school, we will not have a letter day.

Here is our classroomís TIGER Schedule:
T day: P.E.
I day: P.E. & Technology
G day: P.E. & ELC
E day: P.E. & Music
R day: P.E. & Art

We have P.E. every day. Please remember to wear or pack gym shoes.

Lunch: 11:15-11:35
Recess: 11:35-11:55

1st quarter sight words:
I, a, an, can, like, look, am, at, the, they, see, me, it

2nd quarter sight words:
he, she, said, go, do, we, is, as, his, has, was, this, my

3rd quarter sight words:
and, to, on, here, come, you, of, have, for, but, big, had, be

I CAN statements break down objectives into learning targets students can read & understand.

I Canís for 3rd quarter Math

*I can count to 100 by 10ís. (K.CC.1)
*I can count to 100 by 1ís. (K.CC.1)
*When I count objects, I can write the number to show how many. (K.CC.3)
*I can write number 0-20. I can write number 0-50. (K.CC.3)
*I can understand that when I count, the next number is one larger than the one I just said. (K.CC.4c)
*I can compare two written numerals to decide which is greater than, less than, or equal to. (L.CC.7)
*I can show addition. (K.OA.1)
*I can add to solve word problems. (K.OA.2)
*I can make a number less than ten by putting together 2 groups of pictures or objects. (K.OA.3)
*I can show what number is needed to add to another number to make 10. (K.OA.4)
*I can show how the numbers 11-19 are made of ten ones and more ones. (K.NBT.1)
*I can sort and count objects. (K.MD.3)

I Canís for 3rd quarter ELA

*I can name uppercase and lowercase letters.
*I can sound out words.
*I can identify the first, middle, and last letter in a word.
*I can hear, say, and write words that rhyme.
*I can clap the sounds I hear in a word.
*I can break up words into parts.
*I can put together the first sound with the last part to make a word. (c+at)
*I can break up a word into the first sound and the last part (cat, c-at)
*I can separate and say the beginning, middle, and ending sound in C-V-C words. (c-a-t)
*I can add or change letters in words to make new words. (bug-mug-mud)
*I can say the sound a consonant makes.
*I can quickly say high frequency words.
*I can identify the main topic and retell key details in a book (with help)
Informational text
*I can tell you the connections between two people, ideas, or events in a book (with help) Informational text


*I can use drawings and writing to name a topic and tell something about it.

Erinís Law 2018-2019

We are required by Erin's Law to provide lessons on sexual abuse and prevention education. During the weeks of November 12th and January 27th, Grand Prairie Elementary School Social Workers will be teaching a lesson during your studentís art class about the "Think First and Stay Safe" program. The lesson in November will cover the concepts of "Using My Built In Computer: Staying Healthy and Safe." The lesson in January will cover "Laws Help Protect Me: Kids Have Rights Too!" and "Listening to My Instincts: No Secrets".

Should your child have any questions, you may refer to the handout that will be provided to them on the day of the lesson. If you have additional questions feel free to contact a School Social Worker Ė Morgan Bilthuis, Nichole Reiser, and Sarah Altobelli.


This week in class

E Day
PE & Music
Welcome Back!

R Day
PE & Art

T Day

I Day
PE & Technology
Wear ORANGE for Fairness
FSP Hot Lunch

G Day
PE & ELC (Library)


Important Dates

Kindergarten Curriculum Night

Meet and Greet

First day of school for K-2

Picture Day!


Downloads List

Buona Beef Dine and Donate 2-28-19 [2/5/2019]
Color Days-2018.docx [8/22/2018]
Curriculum Night.ppt [8/20/2018]
February Newsletter [2/5/2019]
FSP Dine and Donate The Creamery 2018-09-13.pdf [9/14/2018]


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