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Teacher Colleen Jozaitis - STEM teacher

Thank you to all that came out to Chelsea's 3rd STEAM night. It was a huge success with 300 students participating! Thank you to the teachers, volunteers and the FSP. You all helped to make the night engaging and fun.

Welcome to the 2018/2019 school year! I am super excited to teach STEM this year.

"STEM is about moving forward, solving problems, learning, and pushing innovation to the next level." Jonathan Gerlach

What is STEM?
It is practicing what real scientists do.
It is an experience that encompasses Science concepts, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.
It is where students will learn "How to Learn".
It is where students will become better Science citizens.
It is a place where it is safe to take risks and learn more from what we do wrong than what we do right.

This year In Chelsea STEM...
Third Graders will learn to ask testable questions, engineer 3 products, test their product and then redesign to make their product better. With all of that they will also collaborate, share materials and communicate their results.

Fourth graders will learn to ask testable questions, engineer 4 products, test their product and then redesign to make their product better. With all of that they will also collaborate, share materials and communicate their results.

Fifth graders will be introduced to the Illinois Math and Science Academies FUSION program called You Be the Judge. This program will introduce students to the basic principles involved in chemistry, the application of chemistry as well as the process skills required to create and carry out meaningful investigations. Students will experience the concepts in a lab setting and then have a chance to apply their knowledge and lab skills in a variety of simulations. Students will identify problems, develop methods of testing, and conduct the tests. After gathering, analyzing, and interpreting results, students will make and share evidence based on decisions in a variety of settings.

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Students will earn a "+" or

This week in class

Third Grade: Students are finishing up their communication component of their Maglev car. Students are creating a Microsoft Word document using a fonts, color, watermarks, and inserting online pictures. The next project is the parachute. Third graders will develop questions that are testable for their design. Student will observe different design canopies, engineer their parachute, then test it.

Fourth Grade:Students have been learning all about coding through Scratch Coding online. This week students will explore the tool Makey Makey.

Fifth Grade: Students have been testing liquids for their pH level to help them understand how foods affect their dental health. They will make a campaign to promote good dental hygiene.

Fusion Club Wednesdays 3:35-4:50
Feb. 6,13,20,27
March 13, 20- last class

Robotics Club
Session 1 - last class is February 7
Session 2- Feb. 7, 21, 28
Session 3- canceled
Session 4- April 4,11,18


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2018 2019 Projects [8/16/2018]
STEAM NIGHT [2/6/2019]


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